5k 3 Way...

Trail Run.. Mountain/Earth Bike.. Kayak
5k3Way... pedal, Paddle, 5k Trail Run

                                                                                                                       Proceeds from This Event
                                                                                                                       Benefit Warriors For Freedom

March 16th, 2013 with a rain date of March 17, 2013

What's it all about? Variety in an Adventure Run!

A 5k+ bike trail course with hills, trees, and challenging terrain,

A 5k trail run course to challenge those legs a bit more,

And a 1k Kayak course around a lake for a bit of a twist!

No Kayak? No Problem! We have a fleet of "Loaners" for your complimentary use! Dust off the Bike, air up the tires, dig the trail running shoes out of the back of the closet.. and join us on March 16th for a day of fun! The 5k 3 Way Trail Adventure!

 Now Available! ! A Relay Option, no bike? Team up with a buddy! No Buddy? No Problem, we've  also  added a 2-leg phase to this event! Choose Run & Ride, Run & Kayak, or Kayak & Ride! We're really on working something for everyone!

This is a great event for all age groups! A great outdoor family fun event! No timing, no hassles.. just a bit of running, riding, and kayaking! Great way to spend the day!

Yeah.. it's March in Oklahoma, so we've planned on a backup day of March 17th!

Located at a soon to be famous ExtremeOKC running & riding facility just outside Downtown OKC, we're convenient to everywhere!

Registration starts at only  $39, so why not! It's a great way to  work off that winter hibernation & get back in shape for 2013!

Click Below for our secure online registration form, you'll be taken to our checkout page where you can choose your run time from 10:00 am thru early afternoon.

Now you also have the option of doing just 2 of the 3 scheduled events! Choose Running & Biking, Running & Kayak, or Kayak & Bike!

NEW! now we have a Relay Option! Get a group of 2 or 3 together, and form a Relay Team! If you're a runner that doesn't like wheels, or a Mountain Biker that rides way better than runs.. this is for you! Relay options for 2 or 3 Member Teams! Enjoy!


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